In or Out?


Should I stay, or should I go?’ To coin a phrase from The Clash: should we stay in the EU or should we go?

This perplexing question, to be answered by the nation in the referendum on June, 23rd, was posed to our Year 13 students on Wednesday morning when they listened to an exciting, and very informative, debate on this issue.  This historic referendum is probably the first opportunity for our Year 13 students to cast a vote; therefore, The Sixth Form was very pleased to secure two high-profile speakers to deliver opposing views: Dominic Coupe, Regional Representative for the Vote leave campaign and Jesse Jacobs, Regional Field Director for Britain Stronger in Europe campaign.

During the lively debate our students asked some very pertinent and intelligent questions. Both representatives enthused that it was a pleasure to talk to our students and that we were one of the only schools in this area giving students such an informed and unbiased choice.

One appreciative students commented: “ It was enlightening!” and another said, “I had no fixed opinion so it was very informative and extremely helpful to get a different view from my parents.”

The students were able to form their own opinions afterwards in our own ‘mini-referendum’ after the debate. The outcome: 3:1 in favour of staying in Europe!