October 11, 2021 archive

Sixth Form Enrichment Begins

The Sixth Form enrichment program has got under way with activities ranging from Spanish Conversation Club to a Debating Society. For the first time ever a group has begun learning British Sign Language Level One, an accredited qualification for beginners in sign language. 14 students have embarked on this program that will run year round, …

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A Buzz About Year 12

The Buzz paid a visit to the Sixth Form to run Year 12 through their personalities tests and provide guidance on making career decisions that are right for them. Each student took the test and was given a certain personality type that is suited to a type of employment. This session runs every year and …

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A Knockout Success

Year 13 student Jude Perceival is showing his passion for boxing with his recent successes at the sport in the welter weight class. Jude has already had successes playing for the Sunderland football youth squad but having recently fallen out of love with football he has gained a new love for boxing, so much so that he has …

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