May 21

Orwell Prize Preparation

Sixth Form students from across the city came to Southmoor to participate in a workshop for the prestigious Orwell Youth Prize. Ten of our students will be heading down to Oxford for the launch – we wish them luck in the competition!

May 08

Six Former in the Sound Booth

A Level Music student Katrina Wake spent two days in a recording studio over the Easter break to record her A Level Pop Ballad Composition to industry standard. She intends to release this on Spotify and iTunes after she has completed her A Level studies – keep your eyes open and ears peeled for this future star!

You can listen to Katrina’s recording here.

May 01

Coastal Curiosity

Our Year 12 Geographers visited Seaham recently to collect data for their independent investigations. They worked extremely hard and gathered lots of information, assessing the sea defences, completing questionnaires and field sketches, analysing flood risk as well as creating maps of the area. They also had lots of fun having a competition to see who could skim pebbles into the sea the furthest, bringing home some of the stones they had collected as a reminder of their day. Not missing their chance to practice their geography skills, our students even studied some of the pebbles to determine rates of coastal erosion.

May 01

Pitch Preparation

Intrepid students who are part of our Duke of Edinburgh Award Challenge set out at the weekend on the final part of their journey.  The group will be heading to out to weather the outdoors and test the skills they have learned along the way. As part of this, students took the time to practice their tent pitching skills in school.

Apr 09

Introducing Insight

Recently, we saw the introduction of our latest initiative towards encouraging high aspirations. Insight is a programme we have introduced to give primary school students a chance to learn more about the subjects they could go on to study at Sixth Form and beyond. From Genetics to Psychology, Linguistics to Sociology, our Year 5 guests from Valley Road had a small taste of what these subjects meant and learnt more about themselves in the process. It is hoped that by teaching pupils of their potential from an early age we can encourage the high aspirations that are a major part of what our Sixth Form is all about.

Mar 27

Easter Revision Timetable

Please find below the details of revision sessions for Year 13 over Easter 2018. You must meet your teacher at main reception to be signed in and escorted to the venue.


Tuesday 3rd April Year 12 Physics 9am-12pm (PD)

Year 13 physics 12.30pm-3pm (PD)

AS Sociology 8.30am-10.30am (LB)

AS Law 10.30am-12.30pm (LB)

A2 Law 13.00pm-15.00pm (LB)

A2 Business 9am-12pm (AW)

A2 ICT (AW) 12.30pm-3.00pm (AW)

OCR Camb. Tech Sport 9am-13pm (AA)



Wednesday 4th April A2 Chemistry 9am-3pm(TM)

A2 Drama 10am-2pm (JW)

Thursday 5th April A2 Chemistry 9am-12pm (TM)


Friday 6th April Nothing scheduled
Monday 9th April A2 Computing 9am-12.30pm (AW)

Year 12 /13 Photography

9.00am-3.00pm (Room A1) (LW)

A2 German 9am-12pm (LM)


Tuesday 10th April Year 13 Literature 12.30pm-3pm (CM)

Year 12 /13 Fine Art

9.00am-3.00pm (Room A1/ CA1) (CM)


Wednesday 11th April Year 12 /13 Fine Art

Year 12 /13 Photography

9.00am-3.00pm (Room A1/ CA1)



Thursday 12th April Year 12 /13 Fine Art

9.00am-3.00pm (Room CA1) LN

Year 12 /13 Photography 9.00am-12.00pm (Room A1) LW


Friday 13th April A2 Literature 9am-3pm SW


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