You Asked, We Acted – Year 11 Mentors

Last term students asked for a way to support Year 11 students as they move into the Sixth Form and build a greater sense of community between the year groups. For that reason we have launched our Student Mentor Program, whereby all Year 12 students will be matched with others just one year older than them.

Now, as Year 11 students finish their time in school we are paving the way for their transition into The Sixth Form by matching them up with mentors from Year 12 who will walk with them throughout their transition and Year 12 once they have arrived. These Year 12 and Year 11 students have been getting to know one another in the brand new Southmoor House sixth form building. During these sessions they have been able to ask questions about life in the Sixth Form, from those that are living it in Year 12 at the moment. We’ve loved getting to know our new students better and building community together that will benefit all into the months ahead!