A level Psychology develops an awareness of the variety and complexity of the human mind, human behaviour and human relationships. It will promote understanding of self, other people, moral behaviour and thought as well as cultural differences/similarities. Psychology is seen as a science, and studying psychology will give you a real understanding of ‘how science works’ and will enable you to investigate the causes of human behaviour using various scientific methods and psychological approaches. The emphasis is on applying knowledge and understanding rather than just acquiring knowledge, thereby developing students’ transferable skills of analysis, evaluation and critical thinking.

Studying psychology can lead to a wide range of career prospects. At A Level, there is a range of topic-based options, which bring together explanations from different approaches and engage students in issues and debates in contemporary psychology.

Entry Requirements

Grade 6 in GCSE English Language, Grade 5 in GCSE Mathematics and Grade 5 in any GCSE Science.

<b>A-Level Course Content</b>

Unit 1: 33.3% of total grade assessed by a 2-hour exam 

  • Social Influence 
  • Memory 
  • Attachment
  • Psychopathology 

Unit 2: 33.3% of total grade assessed by a 2-hour exam 

  • Approaches in Psychology
  • Biopsychology
  • Research Methods 

Unit 3: 33.3% of total grade assessed by a 2-hour exam 

  • Issues and Debates 
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Schizophrenia
  • Relationships