Students who achieved highly and enjoyed Mathematics at GCSE will relish the new challenges this subject can offer at A level. The course allows students to broaden their mathematical skills and understanding in different areas of the subject and see how this applies to the real world. A level Mathematics is focused on solving problems, and will require a lot of perseverance but can offer great rewards for those who are prepared to work hard!

Entry Requirements

Grade 6 in Maths although the course can be particularly demanding so a Grade 7+ is desirable.

<b>A-Level Course Content</b>

Pure Mathematics

  • Algebra and functions
  • Coordinate geometry in 2-D
  • Sequence and series
  • Basic difference and intergration
  • The normal distribution Mechanics
  • Quantities and units in mechanics
  • Kinematics
  • Forces and Newton’s laws
  • Moments


Statistics & Mechanics

  • Statistics
  • Representing data
  • Correlation and regression



  • Exponentials and logarithms
  • Binomial expansion
  • Radians and trigonometry
  • More differentiation and integration