Further Maths

Students who have a particular flair for Mathematics and enjoy solving problems will find Further Mathematics to be an enjoyable and rewarding A level subject. The course is specifically designed for the most able mathematicians, allowing them to advance their knowledge of algebra, calculus and other areas of pure mathematics as well as studying applications of decision mathematics, which is not covered in A Level Mathematics. 

The course is delivered as a series of 2-hour lectures at Newcastle University and supported by staff in school and undergraduate students at the university where appropriate. Students must be prepared to complete a significant part of the course outside of lectures (with the support detailed above) and so there is a bigger emphasis on independent study than other A level choices.

Entry Requirements

Grade 7 in GCSE Mathematics although the course is particularly demanding so a grade 8/9 is desirable. 

<b>A-Level Course Content</b>

Core Pure 1 (worth 50%) 

  • Proof 
  • Complex Numbers 
  • Matrices 
  • Algebra and Functions 
  • Calculus 
  • Vectors 

Mathematics (worth 50%) 

  • Algorithms and Graphs 
  • Critical Path Analysis 
  • Linear Programming 
  • Game Theory 
  • Recurrence Relations