We recognise that in a highly competitive market, the best career option and the top university place does not always go to the candidate with the highest grades. Employers and universities want much more. They want people who have shown a willingness to embrace a challenge, to go beyond their own experience, to demonstrate achievement and leadership outside of the normal school environment.

Academic Enrichment

Every student will leave us with an extra qualification beyond their A levels. Everyone will begin by completing the Certificate of Personal Effectiveness, worth 70 UCAS points towards your university target. You will then have the option of either switching to an Extended Project, or Independent Research course, both of which have been used as part of their offer by universities.

Academic enrichment is not just about the grades and the UCAS points. It’s about independent thought and the real world skills of lateral thinking, research and the dedication to become not just an exception student, but simply exceptional.

The Extended Project

The Extended project is an opportunity for you to follow your own interests and in doing so demonstrate the skills and attitudes which are so attractive to universities and employers. You have a completely free choice in what you do. You might build a skateboard, design a dress, research a local issue, create a radio broadcast, write and direct a play…it’s completely up to you!

Assessment of the Extended Project is also flexible. You could write a 5000 word report or you may present your finished skateboard!


Independent Study

Independent study is a massive part of learning at The Sixth Form at Southmoor. A-levels are the most demanding academic qualifications you can pick. You need to be consistently working in your own time. On the occasions when no homework is set, you need to be going back over your notes, reading to prepare you …