Celebrating Raising & Giving Week

Last  week has seen all at Southmoor come together for our annual Raising and Giving Week in support of Red Sky Foundation (link), our schools partner charity. Throughout the week, every form group has ran their own fundraising stall during break times for other students to participate in. From coconut shy’s to bake sales, football challenges and opportunities to throw wet sponges at teachers; every student in every form has contributed to this fantastic cause and had a lot of fun in the process!


Accompanying these stalls have been a range of events for students and parents, including a Just Dance workshop and Sixth Form students washing staff members’ cars. But perhaps the pinnacle of the week took place on Thursday evening as 25 acts from across the school took to the stage to perform in 2023’s edition of ‘Southmoor’s Got Talent!’ This was a brilliant evening with the hall full of supporting parents and friends as the students sang, danced, acted and even made balloon animals for those that had bought tickets. Year 10 band, ‘The Unprepareds’ came out on top after the judges and audience had had their vote, for their performance of ‘Seven Nation Army’, with Ellie Cowans of Year 10 coming in second, signing ‘No Time to Die’ by Billie Eilish and Lana Dennis of Year 7 coming third, for her powerful performance of ‘Pulled’ from the Addams family. Well done to all acts who took part; everyone made us very proud to have you as part of Southmoor Academy.


After all these events we are delighted to announce that this year we have made a grand total of … for Red Sky Foundation! This is a fantastic achievement by students, staff and parents who have kindly donated so much towards this week, financially, by providing cakes and drinks to sell, and by supporting our young people. A huge THANK YOU!