A level Business is structured into four themes and consists of three externally examined papers. Students are introduced to business in Themes 1 and 2 through building knowledge of core business concepts and applying them to business contexts to develop a broad understanding of how businesses work. 

Breadth and depth of knowledge and understanding, with applications to a wider range of contexts and more complex business information, are developed in Themes 3 and 4, requiring students to take a more strategic view of business opportunities and issues. 

Students are encouraged to use an enquiring, critical and thoughtful approach to the study of business, to understand that business behaviour can be studied from a range of perspectives. 

This qualification is a relevant foundation for any future career route and has high credibility with universities, often leading on to business related degree programmes or other academic pathways. 

Entry Requirements

Grade 5 GCSE English and Grade 5 GCSE Mathematics 

<b>A-Level Course Content</b>

Theme 1: Marketing & people 

Students will develop an understanding of: 

  • Meeting customer needs 
  • The market 
  • Marketing mix and strategy 
  • Managing people 
  • Entrepreneurs and leaders 
  • Assessing competitiveness 


Theme 2: Managing business activities 

Students will develop an understanding of: 

  • Raising finance 
  • Financial planning 
  • Managing finance 
  • Resource management 
  • External influences 


Theme 3: Decisions & strategy 

Students will develop an understanding of: 

  • Business objectives and strategy 
  • Business growth 
  • Decision-making techniques 
  • Influences on business decisions 
  • Assessing competitiveness and managing change