Exams and Assessment

Assessment Handout


Please refer to the assessment for full detail of the structure for assessment throughout the course of the year.

There are 6 points during the year when staff will be asked to enter data

  • AP0 (Year 12 only) – baseline assessment data
  • AP1 – AS and A2 working at grades
  • AP2 – 12 and 13 mock exam results
  • AP3 – 12 and 13 mock exams results
  • AP4 – 12 and 13 mock exams results
  • AP5 – predicted grades for AS and A2 exams
  • AP6 – UCAS references for Year 12 only

Reporting Data

After each assessment point AP1 – AP5 students will receive a report detailing their grades which will be posted home.

There will be 2 curriculum surgeries throughout the year; the first to discuss students initial progress and how they are coping with AS / A2 courses, the second to give detail on students’ performance in mock exams and revision strategies for the final exams.


After each assessment point the sixth form staff will be looking at targeting students who are underachieving.

As part of the pastoral system Mrs Saints is coordinating for each student to have a meeting with their form tutor every half term to discuss their progress.

In addition to this, intervention will include:

  • support for students who are underachieving
  • personal support for high achieving students if needed
  • provision of supervised study on a Wednesday
  • personalised intervention meetings with staff on a Wednesday
  • use of subject or whole sixth form contracts
  • weekly meetings with Director of Sixth Form or Deputy Director of Sixth Form (and parents if necessary)
  • parental meetings with sixth form staff or teaching staff as appropriate